Our office is now offering telemedicine visits with Dr. Cosby. Some examples of conditions that can be managed through telemedicine visits are: lab work discussion, follow-up on medications, pinkeye, sleep problems, and constipation. To do a telemedicine visit, your child must have been seen in the clinic in the previous 2 years. Some visits will still need an office visit such as illnesses with a fever. Some insurance companies do cover telemedicine visits and you may want to check on your coverage for these types of visits. There is no charge if the visit is related to an office visit in the previous week or if it results in an in-office visit in the next two days. Visits can be scheduled by clicking Appointment Request. Watch our Park Place Medical Facebook page for update and availability.



Please follow the instructions listed to create your child’s account.


1. Go to

2. Create a new patient account right from that page. The initial account must be a parent or guardian over the age of 18.

3. Make sure you say you are located in OK.

4. Check that you will enter Health Insurance later or that you don't have it and enter our service key PPM.

5. The next screen will say the account has been created, you should then check your email for the welcome email.

6. You will then click on My Account in the top right corner and scroll down to My Children and click Add and choose create new profile.

7. Once the child’s profile is set up you will be able to schedule appointments from the Home tab.